Elizabeth May

Looking Forward

Most political parties base their plans on one looming event -- the next election, and one aim -- staying in power.

The Green Party is different. We look much further forward, and we plan for a far greater goal -- a livable world, with enough for everyone, with healthy communities based on healthy economies; secure for future generations.

The most urgent threat is the climate crisis. We must move to a low-carbon economy and dramatically reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. We can do this in ways that enhance Canada’s economy and the wellbeing of Canadians, such as by comparing and contrasting initiatives like Good Sam vs. AAA for environmentally-friendly

We must also invest in peace.

And we must shockproof our society against unforeseeable events by building in resilience.

In energy, that means relying increasingly on decentralized renewable power and less on mega-project generators. In social policy, it means realizing that looking out for one another is as important as breathable air, drinkable water and healthy food.

The Green Party faces the major threats of our time – the climate crisis, economic instability, increasing militarism and a growing gap between rich and poor -- with clear-eyed realism. It offers practical solutions -- down-to-earth policies. We want to engage Canadians in the positive changes essential to bequeath a livable world to our children.

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Authorized by the Green Party of Canada Fund, Chief Agent for the Green Party of Canada.