2. Invest in Canada:
We will restore the tradition of investing in public facilities and services – the things that link us across our vast geography.

  • Double existing funding to stimulate a massive re-investment in public transportation infrastructure in all Canadian towns and cities to make it convenient, safe, comfortable and affordable.
  • Allocate one percent of the GST to municipal governments for "Green Cities" initiatives, ensuring that the funding is to reduce sprawl and greenhouse gas emissions, conserve electricity and water, increase densification, expand convenient, safe, reliable and affordable public transit, and build cycling and walking paths.
  • Create six Municipal Superfunds of $500 million/fund/year:
    1. Community Brownfield Remediation Fund
    2. Water and Waste Treatment Facilities Fund
    3. Sports, Cultural and Recreational Facilities Fund
    4. Mass Transit Promotion Fund
    5. Cycling and Pedestrian Promotion Fund
    6. Community Housing Options Promotion Fund
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Authorized by the Green Party of Canada Fund, Chief Agent for the Green Party of Canada.