6. Improve health care, and health:
Tackling climate change also leads to a cleaner environment. To reduce other threats to Canadians’ health, and improve treatment when it’s needed, we will:

  • Work to reduce cigarette smoking through education and taxes.
  • Limit the commercialization of genetically modified crops and impose labeling of GMO products.
  • Protect our universal, single-payer public health care system and ensure it works well at disease prevention and treatment.
  • Promote physical activity and healthy eating, and reduced exposure to contaminants.
  • Work to develop national goals for pre-natal care.
  • Rebuild hospital capacity and make smarter use of it by increasing long-term-care facilities, as well as post-surgery recuperation outside of hospital, with access to nursing.
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Authorized by the Green Party of Canada Fund, Chief Agent for the Green Party of Canada.